Bass fishing in Orlando

Conway Chain of Lakes

The Conway Chain of Lakes is one of Orlando’s most popular lakefronts. Similar to the Butler Chain of Lakes, the Conway Chain has a rich history. 

The Conway Chain is comprised of Lake Gatlin, Lake Conway, Big Lake Conway, and a number of canals along the way. but locals will often use terms like Middle Conway, South Lake Conway, and Little Lake Conway when discussing where the fish are biting.

Conway Chain of Lakes FISHING

Bass fishing in Orlando

Conway Chain of Lakes is located in Orlando, Florida. It is actually made up of two lakes & four pools of water.  The four pools are the East, West Middle, and South Pools. Little Lake Conway and Lake Conway have public access with only one public boat ramp.  The public boat ramp is located off Hoffner Avenue, two blocks east of Orange Avenue (SR 527). In contrast, The the Conway Chain of Lakes Orlando Shoreline of is wholly developed.

The chain has nearly 1,800 acres of clear water and hard sand bottom, with beds of peppergrass, eelgrass, and hydrilla scattered offshore. Largemouth bass fishing is good in every season—even summer when the bass is often schooling on shad in the open water. Schooling bass are also generally found by just watching for the surface activity or by watching birds feeding.

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Orlando Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in Orlando on Lake Conway offers some exciting action for fishing in the Orlando, Central Florida area, especially in the winter. Summertime bass fishing can be slower, but during the wintertime, bass fishing can be explosive. In the winter, the bass starts schooling up on schools of Shad, and catching 50-plus bass in one trip is not out of the question.

Great place to take your children fishing or spouse; the Conway Chain of Lakes is excellent to go on. Bass fishing on Lake Conway in the winter is constant and can keep your child excited and busy all day long. Not only is the Conway Chain a great bass fishing lake in Orlando, but this lake also produces some excellent Crappie Fishing. No matter if you want to catch bass or crappie.

Many celebrities call the Conway Chain of Lakes their home. It is an excellent place to fish, where you can catch big numbers of bass with an occasional big fish. Just being on the Conway Chain reminds you a lot of the Butler Chain, and it is worth the trip. Besides, celebrities expect to see schooling fish, especially when the temperature drops and the lakes really come to life. These schooling fish sometimes average 2-3 pounds, but most are smaller. If you enjoy topwater, this is your place for some fun.

As a bass fishing guide in Orlando, we offer an assortment of different lakes, ranging from Private urban lakes in downtown Orlando near i-Drive just minutes from Universal Studios and Seaworld to Conway Chain of lakes only minutes from the Orange County Convention Center, as well also just a few minutes from Universal Studios and less than 5 minutes from Orlando International Airport. Your experience with us on the Conway Chain of Lakes will be the ultimate outdoor thrill while visiting Orlando.

 Why Bass Fish in Orlando is all about catching fishing and having a good time while doing it; this is vital to your overall success. I want you to know that I specialize in trophy bass fishing; catching bass and making lasting memories is what I do. Hopefully, my fishing experience with you will last long after I drop you off at the dock. I can customize your fishing trip just for you, offering artificial lures, live bait, and fly fishing trips. We start the day when you want to create, and we finish fishing when you are ready…it’s your vacation, and I will happily schedule around the other activities you have planned!

We will focus on having a good time as Coast Guard-licensed fishing guides. But know we always insist and maintain a high standard of safety.  A vacation spent bass fishing is a great way to spend time with the family; women and children are always encouraged to enjoy it. Our children are the future of bass fishing; we have many of our own that fish.

This is why our parent company has dedicated its entire future to the children who will take home future memories and to conservation so they have big bass to catch. Please continue to browse through my website, and we hope our credentials and sponsors may encourage you to contact us to get more information on reserving one of my bass fishing trips. All of our rates are listed here.

Conway Chain of Lakes Orlando Surrounding map

What to Consider

You’ll want to be well prepared for your Conway bass fishing adventure, especially as the Conway Chain of Lakes is so much fun, which will lead you to being out there for many hours of the day.

No fishing license is needed if boating, but everyone in the fishing boat will need an appropriate Florida fishing license. Licenses can be purchased online at the state agent website. Prices are $17+ tax for Florida residents and non-residents; the only difference is the length term of the license.

Always consider the weather conditions for your trip, as it changes frequently in Florida. Also, wearing comfortable shorts and a lightweight shirt is best, considering the sunshine in Florida. Shoes are a personal preference; toe shoes like trainers prevent getting hooked while having waterproofs allows one to interact with water.

Sunscreen is always crucial in Orlando, Florida, especially when on the water fishing. The sun’s rays reflect off the water, so wearing more than a hat is not enough to protect your skin. Insect repellent is not needed; no one in the urban lakes needs to wear insect spray during the fishing trip.

Sunglasses with polarizing lenses are a must on most days when fishing. They cut out the glare from the sun on the water and allow you to see through Lake Conway’s crystal clear water to see the fish below.

Many people bring a spare change of clothes, including shoes, in the car, just in case the water might get into their shoes or fish smell gets on their clothes, and a towel is always helpful to clean your hands after handling all those bass you’ll be catching.

Last but not least, remember your phone and dry bag to store it is advised but not necessary. You’re going to need proof you caught that massive bass!

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Conway Chain of Lakes PHOTOS
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando