The Butler Chain of Lakes Florida is located in southwest Orange County. Historically, the Butler Chain of Lakes fishing has been renowned for its excellent water quality and good fishing and is heavily used for recreational activities such as boating and water sports. The Butler Chain Lake tours are composed of thirteen (13) lakes of varying sizes that flow south toward Reedy Creek, the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee, and then the Everglades.


Butler Chain of lakes

Lake Butler Chain is located in Orange County. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 28.8703, -81.1809 and the altitude is 23 feet (7 meters). The Butler Chain of lakes fishing encompasses eleven lakes (Lake Butler, Lake Tibet, Lake Down, Lake Sheen, Lake Louise, Lake Chase, Pocket Lake, Lake Blanche, Wauseon Bay, Lake Isleworth, and Little Fish Lake),

And has been recognized for their high water quality and animal habitats as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by Florida’s Department of Environmental Regulation.

The Chain of Lakes formed as a result of a typical Florida occurrence known as “karst topography”. What happens is limestone that is found under the majority of Florida soil is slowly dissolved by water to form sinkholes.

A series of sinkholes formed over time and created what is formally known today as the Butler Chain of Lakes (aka Windermere Chain) There are areas o these lakes with depths of 50 feet and is believed to be the remnants of those old sinkholes which helped form this beautiful Lakes.

Why Fish the Butler Chain?

Many celebrities call the Butler Chain of Lakes their home. Such people include Shaquille O’Neil, Ken Griffey Jr, and yes Tiger Woods. It is a nice place to fish, where you can catch big numbers of bass with an occasional big fish. Just being on the Butler Chain is worth the trip. Besides celebrities expect to see schooling fish almost twelve months out of the year.

These schooling fish sometimes average 3-5 pounds, but most are smaller. If you enjoy topwater, this is your place for some fun.

As a bass fishing guide in Orlando, we offer an assortment of different lakes, ranging from Private urban lakes in downtown Orlando near i-Drive just minutes from Universal Studios and Seaworld, to the world-famous Butler Chain of lakes fishing is only minutes from iDrive and the Orange County Convention Center also just minutes from Universal Studios.

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Why Fish the Butler Chain?

BassFishingGuideOrlando.com is all about catching fishing and having a good time while doing it, this is vital to your overall success. I want you to know, trophy bass fishing is what I specialize in, catching bass and making lasting memories is what I do. My Butler Chain of Lakes fishing experience with you hopefully will last long after I drop you off at the dock.

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Why Choose this Charter Service?

As some of the few Coast Guard-licensed Butler Chain of Lakes fishing tours, our focus will be on having a good time. But know we always insist on and maintain a high standard of safety.  A vacation spent bass fishing is a great way to spend time with the family, women, and children are always encouraged to come enjoy. Our children are the future of bass fishing, we have many of our own that fish.

This is why our parent company has dedicated its entire future to the children who will take home future memories and to conservation so they have big bass to catch. Please continue to browse through the website and we hope that our credentials, reviews, and sponsors may encourage you to contact us to discuss getting more information on reserving your Butler Chain of Lakes fishing trips!


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Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando
Bass fishing in Orlando