Butler Chain of Lakes


Butler Chain fishing

Lake Butler Chain located in Volusia County.  The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 28.8703, -81.1809 and the altitude is 23 feet (7 meters).
The chain encompasses eleven lakes (Lake Butler, Lake Tibet, Lake Down, Lake Sheen, Lake Louise, Lake Chase, Pocket Lake, Lake Blanche, Wauseon Bay, Lake Isleworth, and Little Fish Lake), And has been recognized for their high water quality and animal habitats as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by Florida’s Department of Environmental Regulation.

The Chain of Lakes formed as a result of a  typical Florida occurrence known as “karst topography”. What happens is limestone that is found under the majority of Florida soil  is slowly dissolved by water to form sinkholes. A series of sinkholes formed over time and created what is formally know today as Butler Chain of Lakes (aka Windermere Chain)  There are areas o these lakes with depths of 50 feet and is believed to be the remnants of those old sink holes which helped form this beautiful Lakes.

Many celebrities call the Butler Chain of Lakes their home.  Such people include Shaquile O’Neil, Ken Griffey Jr, and yes Tiger Woods. It is a nice place to fish, where you can catch big numbers of bass with an occasional big fish.  Just being on the Butler Chain is worth the trip. Besides celebrity’s expect to see schooling fish almost twelve months out of the year.  These schooling fish sometime average 3-5 pounds, but mostly smaller. If you enjoy topwater, this is your place for some fun.