Bass fishing in Orlando

Lakes in Orlando for Boating: Best Lakes for Fishing, Swimming & More

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The landscapes of Central Florida are covered by numerous of our favorite Orlando Forida lakes and rivers, approximately one hour north, south, west, or east of Orlando. The area is named after a large variety of best lakes scattered around the area.

Most lakes with picnic tables, a walking path, a dog park, bike rides, a paddle board with a fishing dock, a public boat ramp, and filled with boating enthusiasts. In Orlando, numerous lakes are ideal for water activities or boat trips. Explore with us as we break down one beautiful park and lake at a time.

In Central Florida, Orlando is home to hundreds of lakes, each with a landscape that offers sporting opportunities for those Instagram enthusiasts. A quick peek at a Google Map will show you just how many lakes “Central Florida” offers.

But to help narrow our topic for lakes that will give you some snapshot inspiration with a Florida largemouth bass, we have included below a list of the most successful lakes in Orlando, Florida, and its suburbs.

It’s about the Theme Park’s, not the Lake in Orlando!

Why do Orlando, Fl, lakes get overlooked by the hype of the Magic Kingdom and other area theme parks? The area is the land of many lakes, a sum of over 5500. Central Florida has become one of the country’s most sought-after bass fishing areas because of its diversity in bodies of water.

The Orlando Fl area has legendary lakes producing trophy largemouth bass year-round. Where it’s not uncommon to see anglers going home with big smiles from the fish they have just caught during an outdoor fishing adventure, Orlando, labeled as the most admired vacation location in the world, knew fishing would be so popular.

Bass fishing in Orlando

Here’s the list of 8 Best Orlando Fl Lakes area

Is there any logic to this list? Yes, hundreds of local lakes could and are spotlighted in this article. The eight best are judged on their access, entertainment value, and pure angling success.

So lakes, like Lake Killarney, located in Winter Park, should definitely be visited by people traveling to Orlando. What is interesting about the lake is its proximity to the city, and it is incredibly peaceful. But clearly not a top fifteen lake.

Many of the urban lakes have excellent restaurants and shopping areas close to local hotels. Many do have an entry fee, which is common among the parks now. Many of these urban delights can accommodate walkers 24 hours and are accessibility-friendly. Butler Chain, among many others, has waterways with navigable canals to connect multiple lakes.

Suppose we continue to explore the downtown lakes of Orlando. You must highlight the Butler Chain of Lakes, Orlando’s most famous location and water activities because of its clear, clean water, wildlife, and enormous houses.

 Conway Chain of Lakes offers very similar lakes and is known to be an outstanding winter fishery because of the large shad population. These two lakes in Orlando called, Winter Haven Chain of Lakes, which faces Legoland and the Johns Lake, is sometimes forgotten but known by local anglers as a big fish lake and just known for producing trophy-size bass, some of the biggest in Florida at times. 




Located about 15 Minutes East of Disney World on Highway 192. Very easy to find, beautiful city park!



Butler Chain of Lakes fishing, located by Drive and 15 mins from Unversial. Boat access in a beautiful city park.



Position just south of downtown Orlando, 15mins from Universal Studios & 5 mins from Airport!



Just northwest of Orlando and only 20 mins from Universal Studios and 25mins from Drive!

Winter Haven


Faces Legoland has full access, offering free pickup, and only 25 mins to gates of Disney World.

Lake Monroe


Lake Monroe sites northeast of Orlando off of I-4; it’s only 30 minutes from Universal Studios.

Harris Chain


Located northwest of Orlando, 45 mins from Universal Studios, and 30 mins from The Villages!

Lake Apopka


A great lake, west of Orlando on 408 just 25 mins from Universal Studios to those wishing to waterscape.

Winter Park


Just northeast, 20 mins from Orlando’s downtown district, with lots to see. Access by I-4. 



Orlando has a web of private lakes we have access to; follow us through the maze of opportunities!

What Lakes are Best for Water Sports in Orlando, Florida?

Lake Hart offers an excellent boat trip and an excellent clean waterway within the city limits of Orlando. Boating visitors can enjoy fishing, relaxation, and watersports at the lake. A busy boat dock in Moss Park offers direct boat access over this magnificent lake.

Lake Jessamine offers visitors seeking boating adventures; all boat ramps connect to the lake. Beautiful trees surround the lake with calm waters. Even experienced motorcyclists can easily maneuver around the lake and enjoy a day of watersport activities. Just to the east is Lake Conway, an attractive and active lake, particularly on weekends, and is one of Central Florida’s larger lakes.

What Lakes are Best for Relaxing?

Lake Woodruff lies on Spring Garden Run, so well out of the Orlando area but worth mentioning for its old Florida backwoods feel. The lake is just under four miles away via DeLeon Springs Park and surrounds natural vegetation and Florida wildlife, such as manatees and other alligator species—a true hidden gem.

Unfortunately, we see more and more lakes in Orlando becoming no motor boats, swimming, and posted with no fishing, like Lake Oola, where it is prohibited. Techniqnuicly it’s not a bad thing, this lake and many like it offer plenty of opportunities for leisure activities. Around the lake, there are swan shaped paddle boats and gondolas, which allow a slower and relaxing journey through these quiet lakes.

Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando

Many people might not view Lake Eola as a typical lake, and why it’s clearly not a top 10, it’s an attractive option for Orlando residents. It’s a pet-friendly area, famous for the swan population of white and black; the lake is in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Features restaurants, movie theaters, Walking paths, a Disney amphitheater, swan boat rides along the shore, and a light-filled fountain in the center.

Lake Eola, known as the puddle downtown, is one of many Orlando area lakes. Its many neighboring lakes like Lake Fairview Park, Clear Lake, Lake Baldwin Park, Turkey Lake, Lake Butler, Lake Como, Lake Pickett, Lake Gatlin, and Lake Isleworth, all not far from the Winter Park area.

Lake Holden

Just to the south, Lake Holden is relatively small and less famous than the larger lakes in Orlando. However, the uniqueness makes the lake a great place to share Instagram pictures with strangers.

Lake Holden’s waters are often clearer than other lakes on Lake Holden, and two small islands offer an opportunity to observe wildlife at your leisure.


We’ve Got You Covered with Lakes in Orlando

Winter Park Chain of Lakes

Most Orlando Florida lakes provide fun activities to enjoy with the family; the Winter Park Chain stands out among them. A stunning array of lakes at the exact location is the Snow Park Lake public boat ramp.

The population of the area often uses this lake in their leisure time as a local beautiful lake for its beauty. However, visitors to Orlando would be remiss if they didn’t see Winter Park as a whole.

One of the fun ways to see the Winter Park Chain of Lakes is by boat. Many options include private fishing charters, pontoon sightseeing, and kayak tours.

Maitland, FL – Lake Maitland

While visiting Winter Park, Lake Virginia seems to get the most attention, Lake Maitland has an even more immense beauty. Lake Virginia is located in the heart of most tour activities in the chain. Although a tour is unnecessary, it’s beautiful enough to explore by yourself.

Lake Virginia is part-time, bordering on beautiful Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. You can take photos at Winter Park beach, paddleboat while enjoying Lake Virginia.

Lake Ivanhoe

Lake Ivanhoe is a local favorite for boaters, fishing, and skiing trips, and you’ll be greeted with likes from lots of locals. Many public parks on Lake Ivanhoe offer great locations for taking pictures for Instagram while visiting Orlando, Fl.

Conway Chain of Lakes

Conway Chain Lake is the top rated lake in Orlando, Florida. The chain includes several smaller lakes, Gatlin, Conway, and Grand Lake Conway. A sandbar is a key attraction along the Conway Lake Chain. The Conway Chain of Lakes’s clearwater remains one of Central Florida’s top wintertime fishing locations.

Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho) in Osceola County

Known locally as Lake Toho, this Lake was referred to as Lake Tohopekaliga by the Seminoles. The 22700-acre lake is the most popular lake Osceola area in Kissimmee to enjoy world-renowned largemouth bass and crappie.

The north end of Lake Toho is a city park that includes some of the most scenic walking trails, picnic spaces, bathrooms, playgrounds, a public boat ramp, and public fishing pier. The South end is Lake Kissimmee; there is an excellent airboat tour where you can fish one of the best lakes in the US and one of Florida’s largest lakes with public boat ramps for Florida largemouth bass.

It also has several islands well worth visiting, like Makinson Island, Bird Island, and others.

St Johns River System

Why St. Johns River starts well north of Orlando, Lake Monroe right around the corner, the lake provides some of the most diverse of them all, has excellent fishing, world-class crappie, and loads of water sports action, with St Johns extending north and south from Lake Monroe. It’s not the largest lake in Florida, not a small chain of lakes either, and well worth the visit.

Butler Chain of Lakes

Some of Central Florida’s best boat lakes are within the Butler Chain. The chain is located inside Windermere’s luxury resort and is easily described as The Chain to the Rich and Famous. Legendary athletes and stars have homes worth millions of dollars.

The Windermere Butler Lake Chain consists of 13 lakes interconnected with dozens of lakes throughout southwest Orange County. The clear lake chain is most famous for its good summer fishing and remains one of the most popular watersport areas for recreational use. The vast network of canals and lakes stretches over over 6,000 acres, and the boat ramp is at RD Keene Park, a little harder to find but a very safe, clean, and fun park.

Lake Kissimmee – Location: Osceola County

Lake Kissimmee has everything for marine life, catching fish, sightseeing, and bird watching. It’s really easy to get lost, as it is one of the largest Florida lakes and the most rural. Despite its location in the lake’s waters, anglers may fish from different locations, boat ramps, marinas, dams, and the canal banks of the lake.

There are several kayaking options on this lake, but let it be known it’s not the best lake for water sports. The alligators are bigger than most kayaks. Lake Kissimmee and its neighboring lakes and streams in the Kissimmee chain are also good places for fish. To the west is Walk in Walk and others all good in their day.

Harris Chain of Lakes – Location: Lake County

Luckily, the Lake County residents did not get to have a single lake, but they do have eight great lakes. The Harris chain of lakes is based on Upper Oaklawha’s River Basin, which serves as an under basin of St. John’s River.

This chain includes Lake Eustis, Lake Harris, Lake Little, Lake Harris, Lake Dora, Lake Beauclair, Lake Griffin, Lake Yale, and Lake Carlton. Lake Harris has 13788 acres of land and has an irregular shape, and is connected to Lake Apopka.

Lake Apopka, a Fisherman’s paradise in the 70s before destroyed, is now back. For anglers ‘ success, it has been restocked with largemouth bass, crappie, and even chain pickerel.

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Fishing in Orlando is easy, exciting, and fun because there are so many productive Orlando Florida lakes to fish in the area. Pair this with fantastic weather, Orlando has, and you’ve got heaven on earth for many anglers. You can virtually go fishing every day if you want. We are proud of our service; we intend to deliver an unforgettable fishing trip.