Fall Largemouth Bass Fishing in Orlando, Florida

Fall Largemouth Bass Fishing Colder weather has produced some interesting Florida Fishing Trips in Orlando. Fall Largemouth Bass Fishing on the Butler Chain of Lakes will create memories you can’t forget. I had the pleasure of fishing with Mark Peterson and his friend Bruce. Orlando Bass Fishing has been something they have wanted to do [...]

Orlando Fishing Trip on the Butler Chain of Lakes

Orlando Fishing Trip A Orlando Fishing Trip is all you need to enjoy the great city of Orlando. Florida Fishing has been excellent this time of year and is only getting better as time goes on. I had the pleasure of fishing with Bryan and Peter Ross traveling from Ontario Canada. Orlando Florida Bass Fishing [...]

Quality Bass on the Butler Chain while Florida Fishing Pepper Grass

Florida Fishing Pepper Grass Orlando holds some excellent Florida bass fishing experiences that the state has to offer. When visiting make sure you experience what Florida Fishing Pepper Grass for quality largemouth bass can bring you on the Butler Chain of Lakes. I had the pleasure of fishing with Larry Ledford traveling from South Carolina [...]

Great Day Orlando Fishing the Butler Chain of Lakes

Great Day Orlando Fishing Central Florida is one amazing place to explore if you are looking for a fantastic Florida Fishing Trip. A Great Day Orlando Fishing can help bring you closer to the outdoors and your itch to fish. I had the pleasure of fishing with John and his son Mark. John has been [...]

Orlando Group Bass Fishing Trip

Orlando Group Bass Fishing Trip Florida Fishing in Orlando is the perfect place to entertain a group of people. An Orlando Group Bass Fishing Trip is a must experience next time visiting the state. I had the pleasure of fishing with Trish, Troy and Ron on my boat. They had a group of 12 people [...]

Truly a Neat Experience with the Young Men

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with another fishing report from Lake Toho, Today I guided Paul, Phil, Ethan, Tim and Jack from Ontario Canada on Lake Toho. We shiner fish on Lake Toho, it was a brand new experience truly all new. They had never done this style of fishing, it's always great to get [...]

Primarily Fished the North End of Lake Okeechobee

Primarily Fished the North End of Lake Okeechobee Hello, this is Captain Jason Young with yet another Lake Okeechobee fishing report Today I fished with Dan from South Dakota, what a great guy. We primarily fished the north end of Lake Okeechobee and spent most of the day fishing using wild shiners to target the [...]

First Cold Front here in Central Florida

Hey guys, Captain Tony Summers here coming to you live from Lake Butler in Orlando Florida on November 1st 2014. Today we had our very first cold front here in Central Florida, it just rolled in today bring 10 to 15 mph winds with 20 to 25 mph gust. But let me tell you, the [...]

Great Morning Landing (91) Ninety-One Bass

Yeah. Hi, this is Captain John Leech, Went out fishing today with my buddy Jim Sweatman and his friend Ray Peters out this morning. We had a great morning landing (91) ninety-one bass. Caught then all on different things, it was just one of those days. The best lure at the end of the day [...]

Using Top-Water for the First Hour

Hi and good morning from Captain John Leech, Out on the Lake Toho today with TJ. First thing in the morning the fish were schooling again, made for some great fishing and very rapid action for the first few hours. We ended up doing quite well using top-water for the first hour or so and [...]

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