Greater Orlando Fishing Charters

Central Florida is the perfect destination for outdoor fishing adventures. The Great Orlando region holds excellent bass fishing lakes to experience freshwater fishing. When you are visiting Central Florida, enjoy a Greater Orlando Fishing Charters. You can catch the largemouth bass of a lifetime on a variety of different lakes.

Orlando holds endless bodies of water for producing largemouth bass. You can almost throw a rock in any direction and it will find a destination where you can fish for bass. When you are in search for quality largemouth though, there are certain lakes that continue to produce in Orlando. The Butler Chain and Winter Haven Chain of Lakes are two of the best in the region.

Our Local Experts, Captains Brent Nelson, Steve Niemoeller and Reno Alley are highly knowledgeable of the fishing in these destinations. If you are looking for great bass fishing and are in the area, let’s get you hooked up. The bass fishing will continue to get better as the warmer Florida months role in.

Barry Clare and Glenn Smith were traveling from New York to experience an Orlando Fishing Charter. The  Butler Chain of Lakes was the most convenient location and the best for their fishing needs. Artificial baits have been producing really well this time of year. Captain Brent Nelson put them on some quality fish all charter long.

Barry and Glenn caught over 35 fish with the largest being 5.5 pounds. They used wild caught live shiners as well as artificial baits. Flukes, Senkos and speed worms were most certainly the most effective. Throwing these baits over grass beds produced the best bite.

The Butler Chain is a deep lake and most of the structure fished was in 12-13 foot range on brake lines. Docks are also holding bass which can be targeted with artificial baits in shallow water.

Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with Barry and Glenn again in the future.

Greater Orlando Fishing Charters

Our next trips were also on the Butler Chain of Lakes with Captain Steve Niemoeller. Paul and John were adventuring out in Orlando to go bass fishing. They have been long time friends with a great story. Paul and John were Vietnam Vets and John saved Paul’s life. Unfortunately, they lost touch for over 46 years. John tracked down Paul and learned that he was living in Daytona Beach. Now, they make an effort to get together every year.

John has been a fisherman his whole life but Paul never went or been before. Captain Steve was honored to take these two long time friends and vets. They had a great day on the water and most importantly, Paul caught his first fish. He also caught 8 other quality largemouth bass.

Paul had such a great time, he is thinking about bringing his family next time. Captain Steve is looking forward to fishing with these amazing gentlemen again.

Greater Orlando Fishing Charters

Winter Haven Chain of Lakes was the next Greater Orlando Fishing Charters destination. Captain Reno Alley was blessed to fish with the Regguiniti family. Bass fishing on this chain of lakes was producing an excellent bite.

The family boated great numbers with some quality bass to go along with it. Most of the bass weighed in a weight range from 3-5 pounds. The biggest bass weighed 5.5 pounds. You can’t beat the action here in Orlando.

Greater Orlando region of Central Florida produces an excellent bite all year round. Warmer temperatures stimulate a great artificial bite but live bait will still be the most effective. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch the largemouth bass of a lifetime.

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