Lake Toho Bass Fishing Capt Steve Niemoeller

This is your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Capt Steve Niemoeller with a fishing report, today we had a 3 boat trip with bunch of guys that was down doing some kind of a meeting from Atlanta and all over the state of Florida here Kip Grunloh myself and John Leech, and i have Mike and Lisa it was a great time Mike and Lisa went out with me and we caught half a dozen i guess in 6 hours and had about probably 15 misses swings and misses the fish just weren’t doing really what we needed them to do so it was pretty slow they did have some nice ones that they caught it was pretty nice 3 and a half pounder wish it would’ve been a little bit better but you get what you get but we’re going to try again some time and again this is Capt Steve Neimoeller for all your fresh and saltwater fishing adventures go to bass will be glad to take care of you there thank you.