Yeah. Hi, this is Captain John Leech,

Went out fishing today with my buddy Jim Sweatman and his friend Ray Peters out this morning.

We had a great morning landing (91) ninety-one bass. Caught then all on different things, it was just one of those days. The best lure at the end of the day had to be the Texas rig worm. The fish seem to be holding on the outside of the submerge grass line, which ended up being the main pattern all day.

With the cold front coming to today the fish bit really good early and then started to tighten up as the sun got higher and higher. Look for the next couple of days after this cold front to be a little tougher fishing. But then the first of the week the weather comes back to normal and look for these fish to start to chew really well…so let’s go fishing!

That’s it for now, tight lines Capt John Leech


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