Hey guys, Captain Tony Summers here coming to you live from Lake Butler in Orlando Florida on November 1st 2014.

Today we had our very first cold front here in Central Florida, it just rolled in today bring 10 to 15 mph winds with 20 to 25 mph gust.
But let me tell you, the fish were biting today. This fall shad run that I have been talking about is going off right now in full swing. It’s crazy to see fish jumping out of the water schooling after big balls of bait in these weather conditions.

It’s pretty nice to see and even better to be here catching them. We focused today on these big grass flats around the edges where they drop off into holes. The wind was something today we just had to deal with, I am really glad that the customers went along with my change of plan. I had three teenage boys on-board today, Micheal, Nick and Dayton and it was Micheal’s birthday. Micheal was able to catch a nice 5 lb bass, the boat ended up landing a total of 16 bass today.

We mixed it up today doing a little artificial and live-bait off and on all day. We use Bass Assassin Fat Job and Bass Assassin Ding Dong lures fishing really slow across the grass flats. The pattern seemed to work really well for these kids as they left with a big smiles on their faces which was my goal.

If your ready, come on down the fall fishing is great here in Florida.
Till next time, Captain Tony Summers…fish on!


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