This is Captain Steve with today’s fishing report from Lake Toho.

I had Jud with a couple of his fishing buddies from San Antonio Texas on the boat today. We had a slight wind from the North, full moon last night and the bass bit really good for the first few hours. A lot of the fish were caught by dragging shiners behind the boat, we used a slow trolling technique. We switched up the rigs, a few of the oles had bobbers, a few were rigged free line with just a hook.

We probably caught a dozen bass using this technique, of coarse missed our share. We also had a couple of times with double hooked ups which made it a lot of fun. I do think that the bass certainly feed up last night on that full moon. They probably set up all night last night, as they were feeding really, really well at first light. After about 9:30am this morning you notice the decline in the feeding activity.

Not a bad day at all, had a lot of fun with these guys. Hope to see them come back and go fishing with us again.

I have a good day as well, til next time keep a tight line…see ya on the water.
Captain Steve Niemoeller