Brandon from Lake Placid Florida

Hello this is Captain Jason Young, with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today I fish the North end of the lake out of Okeetantie with Kevin Cohoun and his son Brandon from Lake Placid Florida.

We started out that they’re with water temperatures in the upper 70’s days and it slowly raised in to the mid 80’s as the day progressed. We fish with shiners today, and in the morning we were targeting Kissimmee grass with pepper grass mixed in. And later in the day we switched our pattern to targeting hydrilla.

We had a study pick of fish all day, we caught fish in about every stop we when too. We had one opportunity at a huge fish that Brandon had on right at the end of the day. He fought it for a while until it came up and shucks it head so we could see it, and off she went free for another day!

That was our chance at the big one, other than that it was a great day. We did manage to put a huge catfish in the boat as well.

Beautiful sunshine,light winds and great fishing to be on the lake!
Until next time, Captain Jason Young wishing you tight lines.

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