Orlando 9-1/2, 8, 7-1/2 Several that were 4 to 5 pounds

Hi this is Captain John Leech, I was out with David and Dwyane today.

I’m going to put one of them on, because we had just a great day and they can explain it better than I!

Hi, this David, Dwyane and I came down from North Carolina and he lives in Iowa. A couple of bodies just spending the day on the lake, we probably caught about (40) forty fish maybe.  A couple of big ones, a (9 1/2 lbs) nine and a half pounder, an (8) eight pounder and (7 1/2 lber) seven and a half pounder. Several that were (4) four to (5) five pounds, and several others in the (3) three-pound range.
We had a blast, 9-1/2, 8, 7-1/2 several that were 4 to 5 pounds…it was a great time!

Okay guys, that’s it for now…Captain John Leech will see you next time it!