Captain Steve Lake Toho Fishing Report

This is Captain Steve it is August 25th fishing report on Lake Toho.

I guided Andreas and his father from Switzerland on Lake Toho. We artificial fished and shiner fished, dragging shiners behind the boat while casting artificial lures. Glad to say, B Anderson caught his first bass ever and Andreas caught second and third bass he had ever caught in his life. He had caught one other one, before a few years back. So he saw glad to catch some more while fishing Lake Toho.

If was very windy today, which I thought was windy. They said, their use to that over there in Switzerland. They say the wind is pretty much natural over there all the time like that. They were glad to be in the warm weather, glad the wind wasn’t as bad as it is normally over their. They glad they caught a lot of bass, had a lot of bites…and got to see a place they never seen before and look forward to coming back sometime!

Again this is Captain Steve with your Lake Toho fishing report!