I wanted to take a moment to write you to say thank you soooo much for connecting Captain David Lauer with my 7 year old twin sons and husband for an over-the-top fishing experience at Lake Okeechobee last Saturday.  Captain David was instrumental in making that trip a success – he knew what bait and lures to use, where to go on the Lake according to weather, caught lots of bass (grilled up, yummy!), was friendly and clear in his email communications, punctual, clean boat, etc.

But what I really wanted to share with you is what made this trip extraordinary — it was a thrill of a lifetime for my boys because Captain David made everything super fun as well as educational.  He was so good with the kids and answered all their non-stop questions with a smile and a joke and lots of personal fishing stories (hey, he kept the boys entertained for all 4 hours on a boat and that’s not easy, LOL!).  He participated in celebrating the catches and making them feel good (lots of high-fives and fist pumps).  Also, my husband had a GREAT time chatting with him.  The guys really enjoyed Captain Dave and it made my heart sooo happy to see their excitement and happiness as they told me story after story and they watch their fishing videos every day.  We will use you again soon, thank you so much for making my boys’ Christmas gift the best gift ever!    🙂

I am sending photos — look at those smiles! They were so proud to catch their bass and measure them and the boys marveled over catching a prehistoric-looking Gator Gar!